Payment Terms Changes

Cash flow is imperative to any business and freelancers are no exception.

As a freelancer with small children, regular cash flow ensures I can pick up the bill for school lunches, replace those worn out running shoes, fill little tummies and keep a roof over our heads. To better anticipate prospective cash flow and keep control over my project calendar, the way I manage invoice payment terms will be changing from January 1st 2020.

All new project deposits will be on strict 7 day payment terms. This ensures that there’s no lingering doubt that a project will be going ahead, and will allow me to allocate space in my diary for you and your project: no need to hedge my bets and double-book space in case a project falls through.

All interim and final project invoices will be on 14 day payment terms. With a project underway, I can give a little more flexibility as we work together.

All monthly maintenance and retainer invoices will retain 30 day payment terms. As these payments reliably land end-of-month anyway, these invoices will not change.

Clients who have arranged special payment terms will not be affected by the new year payment term changes. Additional or exceptional payment terms can be arranged on requests for clients with a long term existing working relationship.

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