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Christmas Opening Times

In an attempt to spend more time with my children (whether they like it or not) I will be finishing for Christmas on Friday 17th December this year, returning Monday 3rd Jan 2022. Emails and calls will be monitored over the Christmas and New Year period and emergencies will be dealt with as a priority. […]

Coronavirus Contingency Plan

In light of recent worldwide events and the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus some clients have expressed concern over what would happen should I be rendered incapable of work for a brief or extended period of time. Luckily, as a digital worker who predominently works from home, I am well placed to follow social […]

Payment Terms Changes

Cash flow is imperative to any business and freelancers are no exception. As a freelancer with small children, regular cash flow ensures I can pick up the bill for school lunches, replace those worn out running shoes, fill little tummies and keep a roof over our heads. To better anticipate prospective cash flow and keep […] is now on https

In line with Google’s recommendations for “HTTPS everywhere” and its recommendations of switching to https to both increase security and potentially improve positive ranking signals, is now served over https. If you’re currently linking to it would be most appreciated if you could update your links to use the https protocol. Need a […]

Celebrating 5 years of WordPress Developer Jem Turner

This month Jem Turner – Shropshire WordPress expert and PHP developer – celebrates 5 years in business and covers some of the wins she’s experienced so far. From humble beginnings, sat on the sofa with a newborn baby in the crook of one knee and a cheap laptop covered in spit up and cake crumbs […]

Supporting Local Businesses

One of the great things about living in a close-knit community is the sense of belonging; the feeling of neighbourly-ness. I know that if I need a cup of sugar, or a chat about the weather, or even someone to keep an eye on the kids while I nip to Tesco: there’s always someone right […]

Do one thing well

Someone wise once said “do one thing well”. I’m really good at eating, and drinking wine, but I don’t think that’s what this wise person meant. Fortunately I’m also pretty good at building WordPress websites. I’ve been making websites for around 15 years now. Not all of the websites have been good, especially in the […]

New portfolio launched

The jemturner portfolio website has been relaunched! With an updated brand to better reflect my cat-lady status and tie in personal quirks and interests, the new website also includes bigger, better client project imagery and an updated service list which now includes both the projects I like to do and the ones I’m most frequently […]

Jem’s Mail Form is relaunched

Jem’s Mail Form just got better. The website has been relaunched to include new functionality, a smoother (faster) checkout process fully integrated into PayPal express checkout and new membership features including a drag & drop form builder plugin built entirely into WordPress. Within hours of launch, the new and improved website made new sales. I’m […]

Why I love working with WordPress

I've been using WordPress since the heady days of version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5 (released in 2005!)