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Although off-the-shelf WordPress themes seem like a cost effective solution for a WordPress website, they're usually designed for every type of customer, and therefore contain every possible bit of functionality you could need. This is 'everything but the kitchen sink' approach means it's incredibly difficult to make these themes performant.

For the fastest, leanest theme that ticks all of YOUR boxes and nobody else's, the best solution is a bespoke WordPress theme. Below are examples of the custom WordPress themes I've made for clients.

A note on agency work

I do a lot of work for local design & marketing agencies that I can't show here: because of NDAs, project confidentiality etc. If you'd like to see the work I can't share publicly, get in touch and I'll pass you on the relevant people.

Why I love working with WordPress

I've been using WordPress since the heady days of version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5 (released in 2005!)