WordPress Consultancy

WordPress is a full-featured Content Management System and blogging system, used to create more websites than any other CMS in the world.

Its strength comes from the masses of contributors to the WordPress community, publishing and updating thousands of plugins and themes daily.

As an experienced WordPress consultant, I’ve used it to power everything from tiny personal blogs and start-ups, to massive multi-national corporate sites for my clients. I’ve been a developing websites in WordPress for over 15 years; let me use my expertise to advise you on solutions and lead on implementation of features and functionality for your new or existing WordPress websites.

If you need to hire a WordPress consultant who can:

  • Advise you on your existing WordPress development — is it properly set up, optimised for SEO, running out of date or insecure plugins?
  • Provide a strategy to future-proof your new or existing website
  • Provide ongoing retained WordPress services or ad hoc support for your digital needs

Let’s have a chat today

As an experienced WordPress consultant, I can:

  • Improve and future-proof existing websites improving speed, usability, accessibility, search engine performance and more
  • Write and build new WordPress and WooCommerce websites
  • Write & modify WordPress plugins
  • Create bespoke themes, update existing ones, use a variety of theme frameworks including Genesis
  • Rescue “hacked” or broken WordPress websites
  • Move sites from Joomla, Drupal etc to WordPress
  • & more…

To talk further about how I can improve or build upon your WordPress website project, contact me now.

Why I love working with WordPress

I've been using WordPress since the heady days of version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5 (released in 2005!)