WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

It’s all well and good having a shiny and professional WordPress website, but how many of your potential customers are actually finding it?

If you are not ranking in Google or Bing for the keywords and key phrases you’d expect your customers to use to find you, or you are spending a fortune on pay-per-click advertising and not seeing an equivalent return in sales or customer conversion, you have an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) problem. With appropriate and ethical optimisations to your web pages, I can improve your WordPress website ranking in the major search engines.

SEO Process

I work with a number of tools and techniques, using years of experience improving the Google ranking through search engine optimisation of both Shropshire based and national clients, to deliver:

  • A full SEO audit outlining potential issues with code, content, site structure and more — think of this as a health check for your WordPress website
  • Keyword research to provide you with words and phrases we know that your customers are looking for (and maybe some your competitors are hoping you don’t know about)
  • An SEO plan of attack: what you need to work on to improve the issues outlined in the audit so that we can improve your search engine ranking ethically and organically (no hacks and tricks here)
  • Regular reports so that we know we’re on the right track and you’re achieving your goals

How SEO Works

Google (and other search engines) have algorithms to figure out what the best / most relevant pages are for its results pages. The key to good, honest search engine optimisation is working within the parameters set out for “good website practice” by Google (et al.) to improve your site.

Convince the search engines that your pages are the most relevant for the terms you’re targeting and the ranking improvements naturally follow.

There are never any guarantees in SEO: I can’t (and wouldn’t) promise you number one rankings! I have achieved it for many of my clients though, and would love to try and do it for you too.

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Why I love working with WordPress

I've been using WordPress since the heady days of version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5 (released in 2005!)