Used Nappies

Used Nappies - the number 1 auction site in the UK to buy and sell used, pre-loved washable cloth nappies.

In early 2016, looking for a way to pass on my children’s reuseable nappies and get a return on my investment, I went in search of a site which would facilitate the sale of these used (clean!) nappies. I found but it was in the process of being shut down as the current owner was moving on.

I stepped in and purchased the site, including software licenses and user base. The purchase and takeover was not without issues. The software the site was running on (PHPProBid 6) was massively out of date which meant that there were potential security issues. The upgrade to the latest version of the site software was both a) expensive and b) complicated by poor documentation.

I took the decision to restart the site from scratch. Once the new version of the site was up and running on the latest version of PHPProBid, I created an email to advise the 15,000+ existing users that they needed to re-register. I re-developed the appearance of the site creating a custom theme for the software, custom WordPress blog and reintegrated social media.

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