Sutton Community Farm

South London based not-for-profit vegbox delivery company.

I approached Sam from South London based vegbox delivery company Sutton Community Farm via twitter in 2012 after seeing a tweet from the farm asking to hear from web developers regarding the redevelopment of their existing website.

His priority was to create a new website that would allow customers to manage their orders and pay online using a recurring order system, as well as streamlining the data downloads to make it easier to prepare delivery information for the veg box delivery drivers, packing labels, etc.

I suggested utilising the power of WordPress for the core of the farm’s new website to keep costs down, enabling us to focus our time on the customer management and ordering side of things. Whilst initially the plan was to adapt an existing WordPress e-commerce add-on to the job of managing the recurring veg box orders, it soon became apparent that it was going to be simpler to develop a bespoke WordPress plugin for the job.

The Sutton Community Farm website went live in May of 2013 and handled over 1000 regular customers before being redeveloped in early 2016.

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    We needed to refresh our website and had lots of ideas; Jem was great as well as providing all of the technical expertise she was able to help us think through our design options and we now we have a great website that not only looks good but has additional features such as YouTube videos & training materials.

    CEO Newark & Sherwood CVS
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    Jem re-designed our website for us, ensuring it is now engaging, user-friendly and fantastic-looking. Highly recommend.

    Howie Kent & Co
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    I was close to giving up after 8 years as a blogger. No matter what I did or who I got to help me, the hacker was one step ahead. That is until I enlisted the help of Jem Turner who managed to rid my blog of hacks and give me the confidence to blog again.

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    Magiboards has been working with Jem for 9 years. She single handedly developed and continues to maintain the Magiboards’ website. Our brief to Jem was to design something which we can easily update ourselves. This has worked very well, leaving our budget to be spent on continually adding new areas to the website.

    An excellent web programmer, Jem understands what we are trying to achieve and always delivers. I would highly recommend Jem to any company wishing to use her services.


Why I love working with WordPress

I've been using WordPress since the heady days of version 1.0 and developing WordPress websites commercially since version 1.5 (released in 2005!)